December 19, 2014

Crafts For Kids To Make For Fathers Day

Really young children just don’t understand the concept of giving on particular holidays. Buying dad a tie or a coffee mug just doesn’t mean much to them. Young kids love to make things, the fun for them is in the “doing.” Here are some Father’s Day craft projects and are both fun to give and make:

Dough Handprints – Using ordinary flour dough, which you can make at home your child can press their hand print into the soft substance. Put a name and a year on it, and then bake for several hours. Now you have a great gift for dad for Father’s Day that symbolized that particular year in his child’s life.

Print and Color Cards – Definitely the easiest craft for kids to make is a card. You can just use construction paper folded in half to create your card, or you can print out pictures from your computer, glue them onto the card and color. A nice Father’s Day gift that kids can be proud of.

Picture Frames – Using picture frames from discount or dollar stores, kids can use various paints and glitter glue to make it unique and special. Messages like “Happy Father’s Day” or “#1 Dad” will always make the frame a treasured gift.

Hand-print T-Shirts – Using a plain t-shirt, all the kids in the family pick a color of fabric paint and put their hand-print on the shirt. Mom or older siblings can write special Father’s Day messages on the shirt, as well as put the kids’ names under the prints.

Colorful Coupons – What could dad need more than an hour of quiet? What would he enjoy more than breakfast in bed? What would he like more than a clean car? Well, he can get all that and more with homemade Father’s Day coupons! You can print them off your computer and have the young children color them. Just remember – don’t make a coupon that the kids couldn’t actually do!

Original Neckties – Why go buy dad a tie with a silly design on it? Just let your kids make one for him! With puffy fabric paints, kids can have a ball making dad his new neck wear.